Breakdown of Spousal Support

An Overview of Vital Details Related to Spousal Support

There are certain rules to be followed for payment of spousal support and if you are unaware of those rules then it will be better to consult an experienced alimony lawyer to get the right advice. In this context we will look into some important aspects which you need to understand when the question of spousal support comes up in court.

An Overview of Vital Details Related to Spousal Support

Amount of Spousal Support Payment

alimony lawyerThe decision about amount of spousal support and time period for which it will last normally depends upon:
• Whether you were working outside during your marriage.
• For how long you have been living with spouse.
• Will it be possible for you to support yourself.
• Do you stay with children at home?
• Will spouse be able to make the alimony payments?
Additionally, you should also consult your alimony lawyer to know the exact amount of spousal support you will have to pay.

Importance of Financial Disclosures

When the issue of spousal support comes up in court, it will become necessary for both of you to divulge financial details to court. Few of the things court will look into will be:
• Your income
• Total value of assets
• Amount of debt
However, you should consult an experienced alimony lawyer before providing these details to be sure that accurate details are provided to court otherwise you may have to face serious consequences for providing wrong details.

How long does the spousal support last?

By consulting an alimony alwyer you will be able to fully understand the laws which decide how long will spousal support would last.
However, in general, such spousal support is for a short period of time comprising of a few years. But if the relationship was of longer duration then support may have to be padi for a longer duration.
Additionally, in the support agreement it can be mentioned that the support amount will be reviewed after specific time period so as to accommodate change in circumstances.
When to apply for support?
If you are not married with oyur partner then spousal support will be decided according to Family Law Act. According to it, you will have to apply within 2 years after receiving a divorce order.
However, if you were married then Divorce Act will be used for deciding the spousal support and there is no time limit as to by when you need to apply for such support.

How is a spousal support order enforced by court?

Normally, once spousal support is ordered, a government program starts functioning which does the job of monitoring payments you will be receiving in terms of spousal support. The program will also monitor whether you are getting payments as mentioned in the spousal support agreement.

In Conclusion

To conclude it can be said that the laws related to spousal support tend to be quite complex and you need to discuss your situation with a compatent alimony lawyer to get the best advice and work accordingly.