The Alexa rankings are rating of website based on the traffic

Webmasters constantly wish to know how well there websites are doing in the search engines in relation to how good they rate and how many visitors that they have. There are various systems and approaches that can be used to monitor what is going on with their own website. Webmasters also want to know how well they're doing compared to their competitors. Figuring out a rivals ranking in the search results isn't difficult, however figuring out a rivals site traffic is not easy. The closest you are able to come might be the Alexa ranking.

Alexa attempts to rate almost all websites in order depending on how many visitors that they have. Alexa obtain this traffic from the web sites that are visited by a few million users that have the Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa ranks Google, YouTube as well as Facebook as the most visited sites. CNN, as an example is rated 92nd and this web site is ranked 12,927,279th. Using the Alexa ranking webmasters can assess their rating to that of their rivals.

The problem with the Alexa rating is that it is not difficult to manipulate and is probably not very accurate outside of the top tier of sites. Even though Alexa have a couple of million users, they are still just a little subset of online users. Only those that happen to be technical very knowledgeable will have the Alexa toolbar installed, so the traffic numbers will likely be influenced towards those websites that are visited more often by individuals who are technologically experienced. The Alexa ranking is easy to manipulate and there are paid services that can be used to increase the Alexa’s rating of the site. All a internet marketer needs to do is set up the alexa plugin and visit their own site a couple of times a day and there will be an increase in the Alexa rating. This is artificial manipulation of the rating.

At the end of the day the Alexa Rankings are not utilized by any internet search engine as a rating metric, so the ranking counts for absolutely nothing more than bragging rights, thus not too much time should be wasted on it by website owners.