Picking the best Whitsunday sailing adventure

When visiting the Whitsundays a visit to Whitehaven beach (recently voted the top beach in Australia) is now becoming is a highlight. Travellers are writing rave reports about their time there. Here we look at some of the ways to experience the Whitsunday islands.

Reaching the Whitsundays

Prosepine and Hamilton Island are the main gateways with the majority of boat journeys departing from Airlie beach.

Prosperine being on the main island is less than a 30-minute drive from Airlie beach, with Prosepine airport being the best option for you to fly if you want to stay at Airlie. Airlie contains the cheaper backpacker options for guesthouses, bars and cheap eats.

Hamilton, on the other hand, is just under an hours ferry trip from the mainland and costs around $50 per person, if you are not a budget travellers, this would be more of a higher end resort-style break you may be looking for with just that little bit of luxury.

Hamilton Island is perfect for exploring the Whitsundays

Organising sailing trips from Hamilton Island (if this is to be your base) is straightforward.  There's also local snorkelling from the shore; this isn't something that Airlie Beach can offer.  Hamilton has the higher-end hotels, eateries and bars but also accommodates standard shops, bakeries cafes and a well-priced supermarket.

Day trips and Boat trips

Day trips use a faster boat which will get you around the islands in a day, and back to your hotel at night. Ideal for families, and those who only have a short on time and prefer to sleep on dry land.

Boat trips exploring the islands tend to follow similar routes; a trip to Whitehaven beach where snorkelling or diving on the reef is part of the journey.

Sailing the Whitsundays can advise you as between boats; there are different comfort levels you’ll be sharing your experience with so plan your trip and be sure what you want.