Overview of Medical Audio Transcription

More often than not, we would rather listen to the movie review by a friend than read it up in the papers. While this may work well for movies and books, making opinions about professions this way is not a good idea. If you are interested in the medical audio transcription field, don’t just go by what your friends and acquaintances have to say about it but read about it and check with medical transcriptionists. And then, we are always here to answer your questions. Today let me introduce the medical audio transcription profession to you in the simplest manner.

Medical audio transcription is the practice of creating healthcare documents by converting voice information recorded by doctors into meaningful text. These healthcare documents are used by both the healthcare and insurance industries.

There are no prerequisites for becoming a medical transcriptionist. The profession doesn’t ask you your qualifications, experience, or even your age. However, you need a certain aptitude to become a transcriptionist. The aptitude calls for good hearing skills, command over the English language, proficiency in computer, willingness to learn on a regular basis, ability to research independently, and analytical skills.

One has to undergo an in-depth medical audio transcription training in order to join the profession. The duration of this course can be anywhere between three months and two years.

The profession allows you the flexibility of working from home and choosing your work hours. The aging and increasing population makes sure that the demand for medical records always on a high. This is the reason why the recent recession has not been able to affect the medical audio transcription industry.

As a medical transcriptionist, you are expected to maintain confidentiality of medical information, ensure its safety, create high quality medical records, and deliver them on time.

If you would like to learn more about the profession, drop in your query and we will be happy to respond.