Amir Khan on MayMac Fight: He Holds No Grudges on McGregor

It is less than two weeks before that fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor arrives.

The fight receives different reactions from the boxing and media groups. Although, Amir Khan insists it’s a great fight which could confirm turn for the combat sports’ future.

It’s a huge fight as a boxer. I love MMA. I opened a boxing league but also run an MMA super-league as well. Khan said.

“This isn’t just a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, it’s a fight between boxing and MMA. MMA is clean up no, that’s what’s happening right now. They’re getting more PPV buys, getting more people watch to it and more people talk about it.”

“With boxing, there’s not much talking about it because some fans just didn’t get the fight they want or getting the fight itself. A lot of people have been falling off boxing since the likes of the biggest fight of recent times in Mayweather and Pacquiao, which was a (expletive) fight, people are so (expletive) off with boxing they’ve gone to the UFC. It’s such a good and huge fight, with the infamous people in boxing and biggest name of MMA.”

“Let’s see who the fans go with after whoever wins, I can tell it’s the same with that.”

Despite the fact that he concerned over the state of boxing and its future, “King Khan” doesn’t believe the Irishman has the preferences to win against Mayweather.

“He’s fighting the best pound for pound boxer in the world, and without even thinking twice that McGregor don’t have any chance though he is younger. But he’s fighting who boxed all of his life where as Conor is just a novice to the sport. There’s not much of a chance.”

“We all say that he has the punching power, but Canelo had the punch power, Miguel Cotto has the punch power to get to him. All these fighters had the power but none prevailed, and could not even hit McGregor.

“It would be good but that’s life,” he ended as he ready himself for his awaited comeback before the end of the year.