Essentials for the Hellfire Pass Walking Trail

Courtesy: Chiang Rai Times

Anyone who is visiting the Hellfire Pass must go on a walking trail to learn more about the history of this place. There is a hiking trial of about 6 kilometer, beyond Hellfire. It follows circa the former railway line and is a site of former construction activities. Here are a few essentials, mentioned below, you must take along.

1. Water

It is important that you stay hydrated on this long hiking trial. You must definitely carry a water bottle along with you. You can also use the water to wash your hands before eating any snack on the way. Choose a right weight insulated bottle, so that you do not have to carry anything heavy while hiking and the water also remains cold.

2. Mosquito Repellent and Sunscreen

You should take care of yourself and pack all the necessary essentials for this trip in your backpack. Also carry a mosquito repellent to stay safe from mosquito bites during the hot and humid weather conditions at Hellfire Pass. Also keep a sunscreen to protect yourself from the heat.

3. Hellfire Pass Map

It is a good idea to keep a Map in your bag that will help direct you to the right way. It will also prevent you from getting lost and also keeping track of all the interesting sites that you visit. You can also save the map as a memory afterwards.

Therefore, make sure that you have these essentials before going on a Hellfire Walking trail.