Street Food To Eat In Thailand


A country’s cuisine is known by its street food. It does not matter how many international or five star dining options it offers, street food is the only measure to understand and get a taste of the local cuisine.  Street food makes the cuisine of any country or place distinctive and different from the rest of the world. Thai cuisine is popular all over the world, but you can never truly savor authentic Thai food unless you take a walk through Bangkok’s crowded streets and stop for a bite at one of the many vendor stalls.

Here is a list of a few popular street food items:

  1. Som Tam – Spicy green papaya salad
  2. Pad Thai Kung – Fried Rice
  3. PlaPao – Authentic Thai Fish grilled in salt
  4. Pad Thai Kung – Stir Fried rice noodles served with shrimp
  5. Pad Krapao Moo – Stir Fry dish made with Holy Basil and served with chicken or Pork.
  6. Gai Moo Bing – Grilled skewers made with chicken or pork

In Thailand you will come across many street food options, so much so that you will be absolutely baffled at the prospect of choosing. Bangkok’s Chinatown area is a popular haunt for street food. You can find all kinds of food options there. Street food made by seafood is widely consumed. From rice to soups, the list is endless. Try your luck with the convenient Thai app which will narrow it down for you and help you make the best decision.