Web Design – The Art of Designing Websites

As the name implies Web Designing is the art of designing sites. A site is a collection of web pages that contain content like information, pictures, videos and other information or in other words, a website is a collection of electronic files and software. Find out more details about web design via https://chrispdesign.com/.

Web Design - The Art of Designing Websites

A web page is written in plain text containing some directions in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Web Designing is the practice of producing content and supplying to the user through net or most notably through World Wide Web. Creating such a site requires good graphic design, simple and intuitive site navigation, logical website design and decent web copy.

The objective of the majority of web designers is to create an attractive, easily accessible and functional site that will convince the visitor to become potential clients. HTML is a standard language for designing and building the website.

It's not essential that the designer should have complete knowledge because the majority of the content is the text. Just a little bit understanding of HTML can perform as the HTML tags are for the comprehension of the browser. The designing of sites also depend on the sort of web page to be designed whether it's static or dynamic page.

There are two types of web pages:-

Static Web Page: The page whose content doesn't change until any manual changes are made.

Dynamic Web page: The page whose content varies depending on the input from the consumer or the computing environment.